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Use Membership Rewards points toward some or all of your ticket purchase!

To qualify, you must:

- You must charge your ticket purchase to an eligible American Express Card enrolled in the Canadian Membership Rewards program. Corporate Cards are not eligible.

- Your American Express Card account(s) must be in good standing.

- Unsure of your Membership Rewards points balance? Please click here or contact American Express at 1-800-668-AMEX.

- Have available the minimum number of Membership Rewards points indicated to redeem for this purchase.

Your American Express Card account will be charged for today's purchase. If you qualify, American Express will debit Membership Rewards points from your program account and issue a credit for the corresponding dollar amount to the Card account charged for your ticket purchase. Credits may not appear during the same billing period as the charge for your ticket purchase. If the points redeemed do not cover the entire amount of the charge for your ticket purchase, the charge for the balance of the purchase will remain on your Card account. Ticket purchases failing to qualify for Membership Rewards point redemption will remain charged to your American Express Card account and are subject to the venue's and Ticketmaster's no refund/no exchange policy.

Permitted Ticketmaster returns of tickets purchased in full or in part with Membership Rewards points will be credited to your Card account and the corresponding number of points will be deducted from your Membership Rewards program account. You agree that it is your responsibility to call Membership Rewards at 1-800-668-AMEX in order to retrieve these points.

If you use an eligible American Express Credit Card, please note that a Membership Rewards redemption credit to your Card account is not considered a payment. You must still make a separate payment in accordance with your Cardmember Agreement.

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