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The Tickemaster Gift Card can be used towards the purchase of most of the tickets, and many of the associated services, sold through Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Ticketmaster telephone lines and at participating authorized retail outlets and venue box offices.

However, the Gift Card cannot be used for certain types of tickets or tickets to certain types of events or for tickets to events that are not in the United States. For example, currently the Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase Major League Baseball tickets through the Internet or automated phone system, but can be used to purchase Major League Baseball tickets through Ticketmaster's live operator phone lines or in-store retail outlets. The Gift Card may not be redeemable at all Ticketmaster retail outlets or venue box offices. Please check your local outlet or venue about their Gift Card redemption policy.

Please note, Ticketmaster gift cards cannot be redeemed for Fan-toFan resale tickets.

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