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Almost every ticket we sell is actually owned by our clients, not by us.
We're generally selling tickets on behalf of our clients including artists, teams, venues, and promoters, though in some rare instances we may own a small number of tickets as part of our services contract with the individual client. Our clients typically set the face price of their tickets.
In exchange for the rights to sell their tickets we also usually give our clients a portion of the fees we collect such as the service fee/charge, order processing fee, and sometimes the delivery fee (each described below). Whether it's for the purchase of a ticket or merchandise, the portion we keep helps us to provide the distribution and access network used by fans and clients and, considered with other revenues, earn a profit.
Here is the anatomy of a ticket purchase:
Face Price
The face price (also known as the established price or base ticket price) ordinarily is set by our clients. In most circumstances, Ticketmaster sends the amount it collects on the face price of the tickets to its clients, less certain expenses that Ticketmaster may incur on their behalf. In certain circumstances, for example where Ticketmaster presents "all-in-pricing", Ticketmaster may retain some portion of that face price for its services and remit the balance to the client. Other examples where we retain a portion of the face price include Ticket Exchange.
Service Fee/Charge and Order Processing Fee
There is usually a service fee per-ticket and an order processing fee per-order that varies by event. (The order processing fee is not usually charged on retail outlet and box office purchases.) To the extent we charge a service fee and/or an order processing fee, we and our clients typically set and share the fee.
Resale Service Fee 
This fee is charged for every Fan-to-Fan resale ticket purchased on Ticketmaster; it's based on the price of the ticket, and we and our clients typically set and share it. Resale ticket prices are set by fans, but occasionally artists, teams, venues, and promoters set minimums and maximums.
Delivery Price
We offer fans a variety of convenient delivery options, and whether fans pay this per-order fee depends on which option is available and selected at checkout. Some examples of different delivery options include: standard mail, Print at Home, UPS, retail outlet pickup, or will call.
Facility Charge
Facility charges are not for or from Ticketmaster; we simply collect them for venues. Each venue decides whether to assess this charge on transactions, sets the price, and receives 100% of the money collected from it.
City, state, and local taxes (provincial and Federal Goods and Services taxes in Canada) are typically included in the face value of the ticket. In some instances, however, taxes may be listed as a separate charge.
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